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Kite Aerial Photo taken in Boynton Beach, FL

When most people think of aerial photos these days, they think of drone photos. With all of the restrictions of airspace rules, local and federal laws limiting drone flights and hostile citizenry, I decided to try kite aerials. I discovered a dedicated group of KAP-ers (as kite aerial photographers are called) that gather in groups worldwide to share ideas and methods.

Being a tinkerer, I collected parts from various places and built a rig with several servos that connect via radio to a standard RC remote. Using a 9' Delta Wing kite, I am able to lift the camera and rig high in the air with little effort and virtually no one noticing I am taking photos! You simply need to launch the kite and once it is about 75-100' in the air, you clip the lines (called a picavet cross) holding the camera to the kite line and let her go! Once the camera is aloft, you can either set the interval shooter in the camera or use a trigger servo to pop the shutter at will. The picavet lines use gravity to keep the camera balanced so the camera stays level. I also have a monitor built in to my remote so I can see what I am shooting and position the rig by tilting or rotating it in the direction I want.

If flying drones has become difficult and you have open space nearby with ample wind, KAP may be for you!

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